Two projects that Amakuru Trust have supported recently are for Lycee du Lac Muhazi and the Subiruseke Association and both address health issues.  In the case of the 'Lycee's' water project, it will prevent water borne disease caused by contaminated water.  In the other project, the repairing of houses will create a more hospitable living environment for elderly and young people.

      Above is a video clip of Alan and Mike's visit to Diane Uhetswe's home in April with a brief translation of Diane's words by Henriette. You will note that the outer and inner walls have been rendered but the floors are still 'rough' and there is no furniture yet.

      Diane is working hard to remedy this herself as Subiruseke do the major reconstruction but not the 'fixtures and fittings'. Future visitors to Rwanda may get the chance to visit Diane to see further progress.

      Similarly Alan and Mike also visited Collette Uwamutara's home and were greeted by a radiant and 'enthusiastically happy' Collette. Gratitude for the Trust's donation was overflowing - it was the 'least we could'.

      For anyone who has raised money for our Rwandan beneficiaries - you can feel equally gratified as your help is making a genuine difference to people's lives in Rwanda!