HVP Gatagara

    It seems an eternity (since the spring of 2013) when I visited the pupils of HVP Gatagara school, on the outskirts of Rwamagana with Mike. Their fortitude and impeccable behaviour coupled with a determination to live their lives 'to the full' - brings a tear to my eye now just thinking about it.

    One could only marvel at their skills and abilities that 'normal sighted' people would give their 'eye teeth' to accomplish. Equally the care and support given to them by the likes of Peter (the head teacher at the time) and Eric (whose command of English both linguistically and technically put mine to shame,) was humbling beyond words.

     That was then and this is now......things have moved on - so much so that the school is still in need of support for all the usual things as well as new initiatives. Mike takes up the story....

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