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    "Local singer Victory Ngarambe, better known by his stage name Elion Victory, has joined hands with Amakuru Trust, a UK-based NGO charitable trust dedicated to alleviating poverty in Rwanda by supporting education, humanitarian and health projects.

     The Ukwiye urukundo singer confirmed the news to The New Times, yesterday.

      Victory is a rising star famous for his tracks, Amafaranga and Maritha, among others. The 24-year-old started his music journey in 2006 as a backup vocalist and guitarist for local artistes Richard Ngendahayo and Dr. Claude. He released his debut album, Babwire in 2010.

     His ability to play live music has set him apart as a fans’ favourite entertainer. Nominated for Best Afrobeat Artiste in Rwanda at Salax Awards in 2010 and 2011.




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General trust information
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The Trust


The Amakuru Trust was established in September 2012 - specifically to help the people of Rwanda.  It has been set up with the assistance of Amakuru (UK) Limited, a company offering education services and specialist travel.  The reason for establishing the Trust was to channel funds raised by UK donors (especially, but not exclusively, those undertaking their “Rwandan Journey” – the Amakuru Ambassadors) into meaningful and effective projects in Rwanda.


Our Name


In Kinyarwanda (the language of Rwanda,) greeting someone with the expression “Amakuru”, literally means “How are you?”

Therefore the aim of the Amakuru Trust is that the respnse from their beneficiaries will always be “Ni meza” or "I’m fine."

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