Volunteering in Rwanda

       At the end of August 2016 a number of young people from the Shaftesbury area went to Rwanda to volunteer at some of the projects that are supported by the Trust.  As well as gaining more knowledge about the horrific genocide faced by the country 22 years ago, they were also amazed by the hope and enthusiasm for the future shown by Rwandans of all ages. 

      They taught at primary schools, assisted in nursery schools and shared experiences with secondary school students of their own age. 

      A highlight of the visit was working with ex-streetchildren who are in the process of being re-integrated into the community; many of whom will be adopted by or fostered with local families.

      Tori Whiffen, one of the volunteers stated,

“....it has left me thinking that life is not about having the newest phone or being able to travel to wherever you want to, but it is about other people. Being able to help where you can and provide help to those who need it is the most rewarding thing that anyone can do and I truly believe that the people of Rwanda are some of the most deserving people in the world. They have experienced terror that many of us cannot even imagine and they are still able to smile at the end of the day. Rwanda is a country that I will definitely be returning to one day;  I just hope that that day is soon because as soon as I stepped off the plane in England I realised how much I already missed it!”

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