Your Trustees are:-

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Alan Booth - Chairman and Trustee


      On the planet since 1956 - favourite colour: 'Kingfisher Blue' - fav food: 'Full English!' As an Art & Design Teacher - has taught in Dubai, Australia and Shaftesbury, currently 'between jobs'!

     Visited Rwanda in 2011 - returned April 2013 and April this year for Kwibuka 20!

Wife Katy and daughter Megan also heavily involved - the latter 'volunteering' for 6 weeks in Rwanda in 2013, teaching music and things before venturing forth to Bangor Uni and thence Japan!

     Alan having his barnet coiffeured by a an Excel 'junior stylist' in 2014

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Mary Hayes - Trustee (and unofficial Trust secretary)


     Mary (wife of our esteemed Projects Director) has a long and distinguished teaching career - specialising in Business Studies.  Her current position is at the International College Sherborne. 

     Mary has visited Rwanda several times either with Mike or as a staff member accompanying visiting school groups. She is held in high regard by many Rwandan people and works tirelessly

for the trust in promoting its name and cause.

     Indeed it was Mary who coined the Trust's strapline - 'a pathway for progress'.

     'Mozza' pictured with Kerry from Sturminster at Excel School.

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Mike Hayes - Projects Director and Trustee


     Well what can you say about this guy - 'a force for good' would be an understatement! Mike has been in banking - taught in various schools (chiefly as an Economist) and for the past seven years has been making a very real difference for the people of Rwanda and over here too! He has established links between UK and Rwandan schools which are still going strong and more schools are coming on stream by the day.

     The Amakuru Trust is Mike's brainchild and we're all elated and proud to be part of it! Mike has instigated several projects that the trust is currently funding and continues to source new ventures to undertake.

     Mike pictured with Collette - a beneficiary - at the door of her refurbished home.