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COVID 19 Rwanda Report

Having put together an 'emergency' care package, (and in a remarkably quick timeframe as it happens) -  targeted at many of our beneficiaries. It's most gratifying to report that our efforts have been extremely well recieved. The following is a snapshot of the Covid care project from the perspective of the beneficiaries and also what is currently under way at Excel Bilingual School.

Thank you for your help so far! The Appeal remains open even though we have reached our first target of £3,000. The target may be increased as we discover so many more vulnerable families in the areas in Rwanda where we work.

Three rounds of distribution of care packages have now taken place to families in Rwamagana and Kigali.  There were 3 distribution points in Kigali at Gisozi, Kinyinya and Remera and two in Rwamagana in Muhazi and Kigabiro.  The Amakuru Trust team of Gisele, Dinah, Albert, Diane, Maddie and Alexie again worked with sector officials to ensure a smooth and effective distribution of the packages. Our thanks go out to the Rwandan officials who were instrumental in identifying even more families in dire need. 


Our team has told us of the beneficiaries’ tears of joy and their emotion when they realised that they could at last feed their families.  

Please take time to look at the videos that have been uploaded to our website. 

You will see what these packages have meant to these vulnerable people.

We must continue with this Appeal as there are many more that need our help.  Thank you for joining us on our quest to alleviate the suffering of families who desperately need our help!

Our subsequent appeal for medical insurance for these and other families in need - has meant that they are now able to access medicines for a year. 

It is only £3 per person per year and what a difference it will make!

The Trustees drafted this personal response to one of many donors during the appeal - this, to: Chris Johnson


Dear Chris,

I do hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well.


On behalf of the beneficiaries of the Amakuru Trust I would like to thank you for your kind donation of £50 towards our Coronavirus Appeal.  This is a very testing time worldwide, however, developing countries such as Rwanda have much less social infrastructure to support vulnerable people and therefore these families rely on our support to ensure they can feed their families and heartbreakingly, survive in times of hardship.


With your help we have now exceeded our initial target of £3,000 and have extended this to support even more vulnerable families in Rwanda.  We work with the sector officials who help identify those in the most hardship, we then verify their needs and our voluntary team distributes the aid while following government guidelines to ensure the health of everybody.

We have 3 distribution points in Kigali, the capital, at Gisozi, Kinyinya and Remera and two in Rwamagana district  - Muhazi and Kigabiro.

Our team has told us of the beneficiaries’ tears of joy and their emotion when they realised that they could at last feed their families - something that your donation has made a reality.


We would also like to stress again that 100% of your £50 donation has been used to provide support on the ground in Rwanda. As a charity – we do not take any portion of donations for administrative expenses, instead these are met personally by the trustees.  We think that it is important that your donation goes to where you intend it too and are happy to be standing different to the majority of the charity sector in this regard. 


Thank you for your support of our appeal and purpose, it is appreciated by the trust and its beneficiaries more than you know.

Kind regards,

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