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Help us alleviate poverty in Rwanda

Here at the Amakuru Trust we are really proud that nothing comes out of your donations to cover any costs of running the charity, so you can feel confident that 100 pennies in every pound you donate reaches the most worthwhile projects across Rwanda.

Our promise is that 100% donation of your donation will go to projects in Rwanda.

This is what sets us apart from larger charities where a much lower amount of your donation actually arrives where it’s needed, as larger charities have overheads and costs associated with deploying their activities. 

Everyone involved in the Amakuru Trust runs the charity out of appreciation for the impact it has on the people of Rwanda.  This means that no one claims any expenses or travel costs, and instead meet the costs personally as well as actively donating to the Trust.

As a savvy bunch we try and get the most out of your donations through thinking about everything from the exchange rates when get when funding projects, to partnering with cool companies like Semantic who build this beautiful website as a donation in kind! 

If you fancy having a chat about how we will use your donation with maximum efficiency, just drop us a line.



Business Partnerships

Business is the backbone to any economy, and partnering with the Amakuru Trust can ensure that the next generation of Rwandan business can get off to the best possible start.


As your partner, we won't leave you with generic information about your donation. Instead, we offer real time updates on all of our projects - expressing the impact that your company had on Rwanda's development for all your stakeholders to see.


Our Trustees will update you regularly on where you donations have been used, and provide full transparency on spending for your peace of mind. 


And don't forget, we promise that every penny of you donation will go to where it has most impact - not charity middle management or marketing. 


You can download our guide to corporate donations here.

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Support Us

There are plenty of ways you can help children build a better future. We can't do anything without you; choose the way that works best for you.