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Creating a pathway for progress

The Amakuru Trust was established in September 2012 by Mike and Alan, specifically to help the people of Rwanda by providing a ‘Pathway for progress’.

Making sure the children of Rwanda have the opportunity to flourish

The Trust is dedicated to alleviating poverty in Rwanda by supporting education, humanitarian and health projects.  

In Kinyarwanda, the language of Rwanda, “amakuru” means “how are you?” or “what’s your news?”. The aim of the Trust is that the answer from their beneficiaries will always be “ni meza” or “I’m fine.”

The Trust is registered as a charitable trust with the UK Charity Commission (No. 1150123)

The Trust has a board of five trustees, selected for their affinity with the objects of the Trust. Day-to-day management is undertaken by Mike, one of the trustees who acts as an unpaid, experienced Projects Director.

Mike Hayes, Founder and Project Manager

Mike started his career in banking, taught in various schools (chiefly as an Economist) and for the past seven years has been making a very real difference for the people of Rwanda and over here in the UK too!

Amakuru Trust is Mike's brainchild and we're all elated and proud to be part of it! Mike's role is to manage the funding of projects that have been approved by the trustees and to continue to source new ventures to undertake. He has also established strong links between UK and Rwandan schools which are still going strong and more schools visiting Rwanda or sponsoring children are coming on stream by the day.

Alan Booth, Founder

Mike asked me to ‘come on board’ once he’d decided to found the Trust. I’d already been to Rwanda with him, as part of an Education project involving 6th Form students….I couldn’t say no.

Rwanda and its people had ‘done for me’….now part of my heart belongs to them and always will.

I taught in the same school as Mike for several years and latterly am training apprentices, who gain qualifications in either Hospitality, Health & Social Care or Early Years sectors.

Education in one form or another has been my life’s work….it’s only natural for me to support the same ethos in Rwanda.

Alistair Clamp, Trustee

Alistair first visited Rwanda with the Amakuru Trust while at school, returning there in 2018 with Mike to see the most recent projects the Trust had funded. He was thrilled to become a Trustee shortly after returning home, having seen the real difference the Trust makes to so many people's lives and the efficiency in which funds are used for maximum benefit.

He’s also very proud to be a Trustee for CHAS Bristol, a Business Adviser with Young Enterprise, a Mentor for disadvantaged Sixth Form Students and runs the free, millennial focused Money Movement youtube channel with his friends, helping young people get to grips with their money.

His day job as a Financial Planner involves consuming lots of spreadsheets, graphs and most importantly, tea and biscuits.

Lucy Cuff, Trustee

Lucy first visited Rwanda in 2016 and instantly fell in love with the country and the people. She has visited every year since and now views the people as her second family and the country as her second home. After working with volunteer groups for a few years she was overjoyed to become a trustee. After forming such a close personal bond with all the people the Trust continues to support, she aims to help the Trust continue to make such an amazing difference to people’s lives and contribute as many smiles to the “ Land of a thousand smiles” for the prolonged future.

Lucy is also a massive travel enthusiast and plans to find a country where it’s most popular lager beats a nice cold Mutzig that's served all round Rwanda!

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