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How we select projects


Mike, our Projects Director, starts this process by having a network of local contacts across Rwanda who put him in touch with worthy causes.

This knowledge is key to ensure that we fund projects with the most impact

He visits the prospective projects and has a wealth of experience to assess their needs and requirements, and whether it is critical they get funding or if their objectives could be met in another way - often we simply provide guidance rather than funds.  If he feels the project is worth considering, he will work on a proposal that will have maximum benefit and put this to the trustees for independent assessment back in the UK. 

From here, our trustees look at our funding position and assess which projects they feel will bring the most impact to the people, local area or ecosystem and prioritise projects based on this criteria.  

The role of the trustees is to challenge the merits of each project to ensure the funding is used is the best way possible, and sometimes we look at alternative options for them or offer to part fund projects if they can find another partner to bring the project to life. 

You can check out our projects below:

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