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Amakuru Academy

Education is the key to escaping poverty and just last year, all of the Academy children that graduated from primary level gained a government bursary to study free at secondary level at a boarding school in Rwanda.

The Amakuru Academy gives you the opportunity to bring a good nursery and primary education to vulnerable children whose families can hardly afford to feed themselves and, where survival comes before education. Even state education in Rwanda is not free as the parents have to pay for uniform, books and equipment.

The vulnerable are identified by the council in Rwamagana and home visits are made by a representative at Sector level and an officer of the Trust to see at first hand the hardship that they face. We now have been given the names of 10 children with a further 10 to follow in the next few weeks. It is hoped that we can obtain support for a further 60 students as we have secured school places for them.

To sponsor one of these children, who are all at Nursery or Primary level, can be a rewarding experience for an individual, family or organisation.  

  • £10 per month ensures the child will get the education that they deserve by paying school fees
  • £15 per month provides not only an education but also a school uniform including shoes, sports kit including trainers, books, equipment as well as a hot meal every day while at school

You will also get regular feedback on academic progress as well as drawings or letters from the child.

Your support is invaluable and, as always, every penny that you donate will be used for the purpose intended; no deductions will be made for expenses.

Change the future of a vulnerable child here 

PS - Make sure you complete all your details so we can provide all the information about the child's development.

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Support Us

There are plenty of ways you can help children build a better future. We can't do anything without you; choose the way that works best for you.