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Amakuru Ambassadors

Giving you the opportunity to spread the word about our work presentations, events, or fundraisers. We are looking for motivated, passionate individuals who inspire to make a difference through committing to at least one fundraiser per year and to upholding the values that we have adopted for our charity.

We recognise the power of people to make a difference; we want to expand our volunteer network to help support and enhance our work in Rwanda. The foundations behind everything we achieve stems from consistent networking, fundraising, and spreading awareness and we want you to be a part of growing our charity so we can maximise our impact.

We believe this is a unique opportunity to widen our network and achieve strength in numbers. We have seen first-hand the enthusiasm that volunteers display when it comes to this cause, therefore we would love for you to become part of our team to help achieve our mission of alleviating poverty in Rwanda by supporting education, humanitarian and health projects. We do understand that not all of our supporters have visited Rwanda, however, if you have not been already, we want to encourage everyone to consider a visit in the future!

Communication with the Trust

The Amakuru Ambassadors team will communicate primarily via email, Whatsapp and Zoom catch-ups. We won't leave you hanging, and every ambassador will be able to contact us however best suits them so we can support you however you need. 

The main source of contact will be through Lucy, one of our Trustees, and as project lead she will be on hand for any support you require or just for a catch up to the work you’ve been doing. The opportunity to be in contact with other ambassadors also will be apparent as we aim to create a group Whatsapp to share what we get up to. We will actively encourage all the good work being done to be reported back so we can celebrate our achievements.

Consistent updates on the charity will be sent through to Ambassadors where we will encourage the information to be shared either through social media, spoken word or shared with friends, family or other contacts that will take an interest. We want to expand our social media outreach so the sharing of charity posts or writing your own (following guidelines) will be greatly encouraged.

You can read more about the role here. 

Read why our Trustees think you should become an ambassador

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