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G.S Rwamagana Protestants, Rwamagana District


Rwamagana Protestants is one of the largest schools in the area and this coming year will have over 2,000 students and 43 teachers. 

Providing projectors to extend education reach.

What did they need? 

The school only had a single projector between all 43 staff and 2,000 students, which became extremely restrictive as the tried to phase i the new curriculum where the use of ICT in teaching and learning activities is more important, to help our students to have more practical skills rather than memorising. 

How did we help? 

After visiting the school we established a clear need for more projector resources, and had detailed discussions with the teaching staff to ensure that each new projector could be used almost constantly, therefore maximising the benefit for the cost.  It was decided that three new projectors would be enough to ensure the vast majority of students had access to teaching accompanied with a projector, with very little time where a projector was not being used.  

It is worth noting that in Rwanda various tariffs mean electronics are relatively expensive compared to European prices, therefore the Trustees decided purchased the equipment in the UK and then delivered the kit to the school with our regular school trips to Rwanda. 

The total cost of the project was £1,200, with training being provided by Mike personally.

Why did we help?

Maintaining a high standard of teaching in the private schools of Rwanda is critical that children leave education with the skills required to get a secure, well paid job which in turn means they can provide for their family and help develop the local area.  

This project enables the teaching staff to effectively update curriculum and help bring teaching for life for many more students, while the introduction of projectors tends to result in higher attendance and engagement in the classroom.

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