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GS Kabare, Muhazi District

Amakuru Trust

GS Kabare is a nursery, primary and secondary school of around 2,000 pupils in a disadvantaged area of Eastern Province in Muhazi District.

Rebuilding classrooms, creating opportunity.

The teaching team are some of the most motivated teachers the Trust has the pleasure of working with, despite having very poor conditions to be able to teach and inspire children of a range of ages. 

What did they need? 

Many of its buildings are in desperate need of repair the first stage of this process is the refurbishment of a block of 4 rooms that include the school library, which is used by all children at the school. Also, the school has an obligation to feed all secondary students a hot meal every day, often this can be the only meal for most children who often skip breakfast, to help the family, and dinner to work. At present the water used to cook and provide drinks for the whole school is carried around 300 metres by students. 

How did we help? 

The Trustees decided to fund the full refurbishment of the classrooms and library, which cost around £1,140 in total.  It was also decided that a direct water supply should be purchased and fitted into the school kitchen for a total cost of £465 to make it easier to access clean water, and result in no children having to carry water to the school. 

Why did we help?

The Trust aims to use your funds to provide the most benefit to the maximum number of people as quickly as possible.  In this case we could instantly ensure that all 2,000 students could use the library facilities to assist in their learning outside of the classroom, and also provide safe and suitable spaces for teachers to provide quality lessons in the classrooms.  Carrying water for long periods of time poses both a hygiene risk to the water, and has serious health implications for children who often cause physical damage while lifting the containers. Piping this supply directly into the kitchen providers cleaner water for cooking and allows the children to focus on learning as much as they can while they are at GS Kabare. 


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