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Lycee du Lac Muhazi, Muhazi District


Over 150 secondary students every year study vocational courses in construction and tourism in Lycee du Lac Muhazi.

Providing the equipment to train the next generation of engineers.

Over 150 secondary students every year study vocational courses in construction and tourism in Lycee du Lac Muhazi, which offers the best vocational education in the district and has a very large number of orphans studying there.  These establishments are critical to plugging the skill shortage in rural Rwanda, and provide much stronger job opportunities both locally and around the country - these roles are often highly paid relative to local earnings. 

The total station and GPS is similar to those used on construction sites all over Rwanda.  Construction and tourism are both growing industries in Rwanda and it is hoped that by enhancing the programme, it will also enhance the chances of participants getting a job at the end of the course.

What did they need? 

To help the students become fully qualified for the construction industry they required a ‘Total Station’ which is a precision laser used to measure on sites.  Tourism students needed to be able to navigate using a Sat Nav, such as a Garmin used by Safari Parks to navigate to wildlife habitats.  

How did we help? 

The Trust purchased both pieces of necessary equipment - the Total Station and Garmin GPS, as well as a projector to help spread the experience around the class. 

It is worth noting that in Rwanda various tariffs mean electronics are relatively expensive compared to European prices, therefore the Trustees decided purchased the equipment in the UK and then delivered the kit to the school with our regular school trips to Rwanda. 

The total cost of the project was £1,200.

Why did we help?

Ensuring Lycee du Lac Muhazi has the necessary equipment to remain one of the leading outlets for vocational education in the district, and therefore means it can attract a high calibre of student.  These resources will make it easier for the students to find work in the booming construction and tourism industries across the countries, potentially setting up their own enterprises, which in turn spreads the economic benefit as the multiplier effect takes hold when students take their skills and earnings around Rwanda.  

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