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Peace and Hope Initiative, Kigali District


Peace & Hope is targets marginalised and disadvantaged children, mostly orphan and children living with vulnerability,  within the age range of 3 years to 6 years and onwards, accessing basic early childhood education nutrition and health care.

Rebuilding classrooms, creating opportunity.

Some children have mothers who are vulnerable and live with psychosocial problems due to the genocide. They are unwilling to provide required care to the children at early age. Currently the project is support 180 children through its Kuraneza ECD Center with education, health and Nutrition support.

What did they need? 

The school has such a large number of students they have had to build new classrooms, which are now in need of decorate and fit out to ensure they are safe and secure for the children.  There is also a leak in one of the roofs, which needed fixing before it created larger scale problems for the rest of the rooms - and lead to a long period of time out of action.

How did we help? 

The cost of the project was larger than we typically support, so we decided to provide half the funds on the condition that the staff found a matching donor to complete the necessary donation.  This was completed and therefore the funds were released and used to repair and roll out new classrooms, helping to increase the capacity for the new academic year for which the number of children will be the higher they have ever taught.  

Why did we help?

Mental health in Rwanda has been a growing issue in Rwanda since the geneocide, as well as the large number of children who are being born into households who are unable to offer them the initial care they require, this is a more concentrated problem in Kigalia - the capital, where Peace and Hope is based.  Therefore supporting specialist schools such as this helps to keep more children in education, and off the street, increasing their long term chances of getting out of the poverty they have been born into.  

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Support Us

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