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Subiruseke Association, Rwamagana District

Subiruseke is an association of widows that the Trust has been supporting since 2012, the brutal genocide of 1994 resulted in over 1,000,000 people being killed in 100 days, as well as countless more being infected and suffering from mental health issues for the rest of their life

Providing electricity for genocide survivors.

Subiruseke features many genocide survivors who lost their husbands, children and wider family in the genocide and aims to provide them with a support network as they lost everyone who would have typically supported them.

What did they need? 

Being in a remote area very high up in the hills, they have been left behind in terms of electricity installation which brings many health issues as well as problems of isolation. 

How did we help? 

Since 2012 the Trust set up to fund the installation of a full electricity network across the area which led to direct supply for the Widows as well as a network for which other families can now connect and enjoy.  We are pleased to say in September 2019 the Trust connected the final 5 Widows to mains supply, which also powers up to 225 other households who are connected to the mains without the direct help of the Trust. 

Why did we help?

While it is difficult for most to understand life without electricity, the need for it is critical for the functioning of a developed household.  This is even more true in rural Rwanda where street lighting is often non existent, and therefore daylight is the only time many can work, cook or meet.  Providing electricty increases the safety of the area and fosters a sense of community helping to breakdown the barreirs of isolation felt by so many surviors of the genocide.    

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